Lindt's new museum in Zurich made at 100 million Swiss francs features the world's tallest free-standing chocolate fountain at 30 feet. The Lindt Home of Chocolate hosts interactive exhibitions and also a chocolateria where visitors can make their own sweet treats. At the end of the exhibition is 'Chocolate Heaven' tasting room where guests can indulge in 'endless fine Lindt creations'. World Chocolate Day 2020: From White Chocolate to Dark Chocolate, 6 Different Types of Chocolates to Delight Your Taste Buds!

It opened earlier this week and was officially unveiled by Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. The fountain, which is a sight to watch is described as the 'only one of its kind'. It features 1,500 kg of real chocolate flowing over a giant Lindor ball. To make the world's tallest chocolate fountain 'pipes with a total length of 94 metres (308ft) were laid inside the chocolate fountain, which is exactly 9.3 metres (30.5ft) high' were required. International Chocolate Day 2020 (US): From Most Valuable Chocolate Bar to Death by Chocolate, Know 8 Crazy Facts About Everyone's Favourite Sweet!

New Lindt Home of Chocolate Featuring Chocolate Home:

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The building covers 1,500 square metres where various things including details on the cultivation of cocoa, the history of chocolate, Swiss chocolate pioneers and chocolate production are explained. The Lindt Home of Chocolate has a research facility, where 'professionals can develop recipes on a small scale and simulate the optimisation of production sequences and process technologies – factors that are important to the chocolate industry overall'.

The museum building took just under three years to be constructed. It hopes to attract 3,50,000 visitors each year from across the globe. Ernst Tanner, president of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation was quoted as saying, "The Lindt Home of Chocolate will play an important role in safeguarding Switzerland’s position as a chocolate country in the long-term, as well as contribute to the transfer of knowledge across the entire industry." The entry to the building starts from 15 Swiss francs for adults and 10 Swiss francs for children aged eight and older.

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