PAK beat ZIM by 131 runs | Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Live Cricket Score 5th ODI Match

Pakistan in Zimbabwe, 5 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Jul 22, 2018 Start Time: 12:45 IST | 07:15 GMT | 09:15 Local
Venue: Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo
364/4 Overs: 50.0
233/4 Overs: 50.0
Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 131 runs

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Live Cricket Score - 5th ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 50.0 ZIM: 233/4

Wonderful scenes as the sun sets here at the Queens Sports Club. Sarfraz Ahmed takes the trophy and along with his teammates, poses for photographs. It has been a dream tour for them. First, they won the tri-series by beating Australia. After that, they were unstoppable in the ODI format against the hosts. Zimbabwe need to do a lot of homework if they are to stand up against top sides. Thanks for your company. You can switch tabs as an interesting contest between Windies and Bangladesh is going on in Guyana. Till then, cheers!

49.6 1

Full toss down leg, swept away towards fine leg for a run. That's it, a complete domination from the visitors throughout. Big smiles among their players as the customary handshakes take place. PAKISTAN WIN BY 131 RUNS, TAKING THE SERIES 5-0!

49.5 0

In line of the stumps, skids through after pitching. Moor adjusts in his crease to block it.

49.4 0

Going away with the arm, punched off the back foot to covers.

49.3 2

Short ball on middle, pulled away to deep mid-wicket for a brace.

49.2 0

Well outside off, left alone.

49.1 6

SIX! Got the treatment it deserved! A half-tracker, Moor lines it up and hammer-pulls it over cow corner to send it sailing over the fence.

End of Over : 49 3 Runs ZIM: 224/4
48.6 1

Leans ahead and pats it to covers for a single.

48.5 1

Driven through mid off by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.

48.4 0

Slower through the air, defended solidly off the front foot.

48.3 1

Turning away from Moor as he taps it to the off side for a single.

48.2 0

Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

48.1 0

Loopy delivery, eased to mid off.