BAN beat WI by 36 runs | Bangladesh vs West Indies Live Cricket Score 2nd I T20 Match

West Indies in Bangladesh, 3 T20 International Series, 2018

Date: Dec 20, 2018 Start Time: 16:30 IST | 11:00 GMT | 17:00 Local
Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
211/4 Overs: 20.0
175/10 Overs: 19.2
Bangladesh beat West Indies by 36 runs

Bangladesh vs West Indies Live Cricket Score - 2nd I T20 Match - Summary

End of Over : 19.2 WI: 175/10

So that's it from this one. With this Bangla win, it means it's going to go down to the decider. It takes place in Dhaka on Saturday, at 1700 local (1100 GMT). Do join in for that. Cheers!

19.2 W

OUT! That's the final wicket down of the Windies. Tossed up on middle, Thomas goes for a typical tailender's shot. He tries to hit it across the line and heave it over the fence but misses the ball completely and it hits the off stump. BANGLADESH WIN THIS MATCH BY 36 RUNS and level the series.

19.1 1

Chipped over the bowler's head by Cottrell for a single.

End of Over : 19 1 Runs WI: 174/9
18.6 0

Kept out by Thomas. Maybe the Windies are trying not to be bowled out.

18.5 1

Top edge but lands safely. A single is taken. Both teams going through the motions here.

18.4 0

This ball is punched away on the off side towards cover. The fielder picks up the ball and hits the stumps at the non-striker's end. But the batsman makes it home in time.

18.3 0

Another swing to this ball outside off and another miss.

18.2 0

This length delivery is on middle and leg, the batsman gets an inside edge that goes onto his pads.

18.1 0

Outside off and Cottrell goes for a swipe and misses the ball completely.

End of Over : 18 9 Runs WI: 173/9
17.6 W

OUT!!! 9th wicket down for the Windies. And Bangladesh are inches away from leveling this series. Short by Mustafizur, Paul tries to heave it over mid-wicket but the ball falls straight down the throat of Ariful Haque at deep mid-wicket.

17.6 1

WIDE! Bouncer! The ball is too short and over the head of the batsman. Umpire stretches his arm out for a wide.

17.5 6

SIX! A bit shorter on length by Rahim. Keemo Paul rocks back on his back foot and pulls it away over the square leg fence for a maximum.

17.4 1

Fuller on middle and Cottrell pushes it towards the fielder at long on for a single.

17.3 1

Lofted over mid off but the ball is not timed properly and falls short of the fielder at long off. Single taken.

17.2 0

Once again on length but this time Mustafizur gets some bounce off the pitch and manages to find the outside edge of Paul's bat. But the ball falls short of the keeper.