Rolls Royce is Developing Robotic Cockroaches to Help Fix Airplane Engines
The robotic cockroaches that will be used by Rolls Royce (Photo credits: Video grab)

Cockroaches are a pest that we want to get rid of, from a house or any premise. But now can you imagine these insects helping in the cleaning and fixing something? Well that's true, as engineers are soon going to take help from little pests to get bugs out of a big machine. Don't worry, not the actual insects but robotic cockroaches are in process to help in fixing of aircraft engines! It is Rolls-Royce which is known for its best aircraft engines which plan to use these insect-inspired robots to help their engineers.

Rolls-Royce announced recently these tiny robots will help their engineers by being their eyes and hands in the complex parts of an aeroplane's engine. According to their technology specialist James Cell, "They could go off scuttling around reaching all different parts of the combustion chamber. If we did it conventionally it would take us five hours; with these little robots, who knows, it might take five minutes." Rolls Royce Flying Taxi Currently Under Works; Likely to Be Launched by Early 2020s.

Check out Rolls Royce's tweet about using insect robots:

These robotic cockroaches will work in a tandem. If one enters the combustion chamber, the other can help in completing a certain repair. These robots will perform simple tasks and also diagnose the problems. While engineers would work on the more complicated fixes, these bots would be of help to the low-skilled workers. The robots would be programmed in a way that they can leave the space or get 'flushed out' by the engine. China is Breeding Billions of ‘Super Cockroaches’ Using AI Software to Produce Medicine, Experts Fear a Catastrophe.

The company has already made prototypes of the little bots with the help of experts from Harvard University and University of Nottingham. But they are apparently too large for the use. These robots will weight just a few ounces and stand about half-an-inch in height.