Octopus Went Out Giving Hugs After it Was Given Ecstasy
Octopus (Photo credits: Pixabay, susobande)

Octopuses may look creepy and scary in their appearance but a recent experiment saw their emotional angle. A group of scientists tested the effect of party drug MDMA on an octopus and were surprised how it turned sociable. The octopus reached out to hug each other after they came in touch with the drug. Octopuses are otherwise known to be anti-social creatures. Octopus Grope Woman Diver’s Butt: Video of Flirty Eight-legged Sea Creature Goes Viral. 

A team of researchers from the US tested on a group of octopuses the effect of ecstasy, a party drug also called as Molly. This drug enthuses human behaviour similarly, making them euphoric, dancing to electronic music. The study of the findings was published in the journal Current Biology.  It also points to how serotonin affects social interaction.

For the experiment, the dosed seah creatures were kept in MDMA saturated solution. They were allowed to three tanks- one was empty, another had different octopus and a third chamber had a chewie toy. The effect of the drug was seen as the octopuses went to hug the cage. They also spent time with the chewie during the controlled drug test. The behaviour was very similar to what humans exhibit. Is Octopus An Alien Creature? Know The Truth About The Most Weird Species on the Planet.

The study was carried out to find if humans and these underwater sea creatures have any genetic links. The study revealed that both and octopuses share very similar genomic codes with regards to serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for a person's happiness and wellbeing. Neuroscientist  Gül Dölen, who led this study said, "Even though octopuses look like they come from outer space, they’re actually not that different from us." The experiment also pointed at links to determine MDMA's effect on the human brain with regards to social behaviour.