Snakes can give creeps to someone who doesn't like them. The slithering reptiles are fearful to many. Among the dangerously poisonous species are rattlesnakes. These venomous snakes can be really deadly, although snake behaviour is interesting to observe. One of the snake enthusiasts from West Virginia managed to capture a rare behaviour of rattlesnakes on video. Seen slithering at most times, this video shows two male rattlesnakes dancing. Are Rattlesnakes Poisonous? Man Bitten by a Severed Head of Snake Almost Faced Death, Watch Video.

Jamie Fenske has captured a video of two large snakes who are stretching up and do movements mirroring each other. This characteristic is usually seen in vipers who do it to attract a female's attention. This dancing movement lasts usually for less than a minute. The rattlesnakes are known to do this as impressive combat. The snakes try to appear taller than the other until one of them falls down to the ground.

Check the video of Rattlesnakes doing a rare dance:

As seen in the video, the two may look a pair but are actually competitors. They are trying to put the other down, the snakes do fall over each other but attempt to climb back. You can see how they try to push each other. Usually, the snake that is longer wins  This combat dance is linked to courtship, as the snakes are trying to prove dominance and impress female snakes nearby. The one who loses in the fight, then leaves the area, while the victor stays with the female until she is ready to mate! Nature and its interesting ways.

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