Have you missed out on watching the stunning supermoons that graced 2020 back to back in the last two months? Then you have one more chance, and a last one for the year in the next week. The Full Moon of May called the Flower Moon will be seen on May 7. Because it is a supermoon, it is being called as the Super Flower Full Moon, and it will be the last one of this year. So you might want to be prepared to observe the moon a lot more closer than other months for one last time this year. Ahead of Super Flower Full Moon 2020, we tell you more about its date, timings and what gives it the name. April Super Pink Moon 2020 Captured From Delhi’s India Gate, View Stunning Pics of the Biggest Supermoon of the Year.

Date and Time of Super Flower Moon 2020

Super Flower Moon 2020 will occur on May 7, Thursday. The full moon phase will occur around 10.45 Universal Time. In IST, it will be 4.15 PM. Because of the daylight timing in India, we may not see it as a whole, but towards the night, the supermoon can be observed more clearly.

What is a Supermoon?

When a full moon takes place at its closest point to the Earth it is called as the Super Full Moon. It occurs because of the elliptical orbit between the moon and the earth. Perigee is the point when the moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. During the supermoon, the satellite appears brighter and almost 7% larger than the normal moon.

Other Names of Flower Moon

Every full moon has more names than just one, with its story and relevance back to the ancient tribes. Similarly, the flower moon also has many other names. It gets coined flower because, in the month of May, a lot of flowering plants bloom. The moonrise is thus associated with blooming days, and it is also said to be a source of healing by the Ojibwe tribes. Other names for the full moon of May are Mother's Moon, Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon.

So if you love watching the night sky, ever since the lockdown, because of the lowered pollution, you can also see a lot of other stars and constellations. Do not miss out on watching the last of Supermoon from this year, definitely not of you are a moon lover.

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