It is time for the biggest and brightest full Moon of the year! The wait is over for people in India as the April Super Pink Moon 2020 was spotted gracing the night sky at Delhi’s India Gate. It could not be any better to take off our mind from what is happening on this planet and gaze at another celestial body. Just like the scientists have noted the Moon is actually not pink, but it is the biggest and brightest of all full Moons of 2020. It is mesmerising. Take a peek from your window and witness the magic. In case, you have not, we have got you the stunning visuals and pictures of Super Pink Moon of April 7, 2020, shining bright behind the India Gate in the capital city. April Pink Supermoon 2020 FAQs: 'What Is a Super Pink Moon?' to 'What Time Is the Supermoon?' 5 Queries on the Celestial Event Answered. 

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon comes close to the Earth, and it coincides with a full moon day, making it appear the brightest and biggest on that day. It is a sight to behold! The April Full Moon is the closest Supermoon of the year, making it the largest. April’s Full Moon coincides with the blooming of a wildflower called moss pink that is usually found in the US and Canada. Since it comes at the same time as the Supermoon, it is called Super Pink Moon. Super Pink Moon April 2020 Date & Live Streaming Time in IST: When and How to Watch the Biggest and Brightest Full Moon of the Year. 

News agency ANI, tweeted pictures of the Supermoon shining bright and gracing the sky at Delhi’s India Gate. With a close look and one from far, the Moon certainly appears to be bright and big, than usual. You cannot miss the sight!

View Pics:

Pics of Super Pink Moon from Ludhiana, Punjab!

It is the best way to escape from the ongoing panic and admire the beauty of the Moon. Looking up at the night skies to appreciate bright ball may give us all a few minutes of respite from worrying about these trying times that we are all going through. Peek from your window and enjoy the beauty tonight!

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