After End of Driving Ban, Saudi Women Will Now Become Pilots
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pexels, mentatdgt)

Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are slowly and steadily accessing freedom to which they were shunned. There is a transformation in the country for giving it a modern outlook, as more and more women can exercise their rights. After taking to the wheels about a month ago after the end of driving ban, now women in the country will learn to fly! An aviation school in Saudi Arabia will now welcome women to learn how to fly.

So just as women are now driving on their own in the country, they would soon be able to become pilots as well. Oxford Aviation Academy, a leading flying school for training and crew recruitment has opened its doors to women learners and the applications too, have come in flying. More than hundreds of women have applied and will hopefully start their learning lessons from the month of September. There will be a new branch in the eastern city of Dammam to teach the female pilots. Saudi Women Rev Up Motorbikes as End to Driving Ban Nears.

"We are no longer living in the era where women were allowed [to work] in limited arenas. All avenues are now opened for women. If you have the appetite, you have the ability," said applicant Dalal Yashar, who aims to work as a civil pilot, to Reuters. There will also be a school established for aircraft maintenance technicians. The kingdom has launched a $300 million development project in the city, which aims at the training of the new generation pilots. Students will receive about 3 years of academic and practical training in the country. Saudi Arabia: Women Enter Stadium for First Time to Watch Soccer.

The country is slowly making its women more independent in the move to build up the private sector. Women along with driving have also been able to start businesses on their own. The crowned Prince Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is leading the initiative of Vision 2030 and thus plans to include more women in the workforce. The news of women taking up flying lessons comes in as an extension of the same, to provide them with more opportunities, which they have been missing out on for years.