Brussels, March 2: The European Union (EU) will propose a digital certificate, dubbed as digital green card, across the EU that will "provide proof that a person has been vaccinated" against coronavirus or COVID-19, EU Commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen said on Monday ahead of summer holidays. "The aim is to gradually enable them (Europeans) to move safely in the European Union or abroad - for work or tourism," Von der Leyen added. COVID-19 Vaccine Passport: Denmark Likely to Issue Special Passports to Citizens Vaccinated Against Coronavirus; Know All About It.

The so-called digital green pass will work as a COVID-19 "vaccine passport" and would provide proof that a person has been vaccinated, the results of tests for those not yet vaccinated and information on recovery for people who have contracted the coronavirus. Notably, it remains unclear whether vaccinated people can still transmit the virus to others. Australia Airline Boss Wants Vaccine Passport for Travelers.

EU Chief's Tweets on Digital Green Pass:

What Is Digital Green Pass or COVID-19 Vaccine Passport:

A digital green pass or a vaccine passport can be used as a proof that the holder has received the vaccine against COVID-19, which has claimed over two millions lives across the world. A country or a group of nations can issue a particular passport or certificate to its citizens who are vaccinated so that they can travel abroad or to the countries in the bloc.

Digital Green Pass Proposal Divides EU:

While a number EU countries welcomed the proposal, some nations in the 27-member bloc opposed it, according to a Sputnik News report. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his German counterpart Angela Merkel have stressed upon the importance of a digital green pass. France and Belgium, however, expressed concerns. France reportedly said that it would be too early to permit vaccination passports due to weak data on vaccine efficacy.

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