Hong Kong Airlines Cathay Pacific Spells Own Name Wrong on Plane
A Cathay Airlines Plane (File, Photo Credit: Twitter@cathaypacific)

Hong Kong, Sep 19: Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has had to send a new plane back to the paint shop after the company's name was spelled incorrectly on it. Travellers spotted the mistake at Hong Kong International Airport and contacted the airline. It painted its name as "Cathay Paciic" on the side of the jet. "Oops this special livery won't last long! She's going back to the shop!" the company joked on Twitter on Wednesday and called it a genuine mistake, although some in the industry said it was inexplicable. Hong Kong Airline Cathay Pacific Ends its Skirts-only Policy Which Existed Since 1946.

"The spacing is too on-point for a mishap," an engineer for Haeco, a sister company of the airline, told the South China Morning Post. Netizens chose to see the funny side, however. "No one gives a F anymore, not even the painters!" said one Twitter user. "No f's were given that day," said another user.