London: 'Suspicious Package' Found in Canary Wharf, Emergency Evacuation Ordered
Housing along the River Thames near the Canary Wharf business district | (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

London, August 28:  According to reports coming in, a suspicious package has given rise to chaotic evacuation of the London’s Canary Wharf says reports. This is a breaking news and further details are awaited.

In September 2017, a similar incident had occurred after a suspicious package was found and people evacuated from Central London street.

Offices were evacuated in the previous year's incident and a street in Holborn was cordoned off. After completing the evaluation of the package, it was deemed to be "non suspicious".

On August 15, the United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May had termed the second terror attack in Westminster as 'shocking'.

A man was arrested on suspicion of terror offences after a vehicle swerved into pedestrians and crashed into a barrier at the Houses of Parliament. However, no fatalities have been reported so far.

"Today's attack outside the Parliament is shocking. For the second time in as many years the home of our democracy, what is a potent symbol of our precious values of tolerance and freedom, has witnessed terrible scenes just yards from its door," Prime Minister May had said in a statement following the incident.

In a startling revelation, the Prime Minister's official spokesperson revealed that there are 676 live investigations carried out by March and the number has gone up 500 in just four months. It further revealed that the police has made a total of 2,029 arrests between 2010 and 2017, 412 of those were made at the end of 2017, Sputnik reported.

May, who is currently on a holiday, praised the emergency services for tackling well the terror attacks in the country. However, the Prime Minister issued a caveat saying terror threats in the United Kingdom remains severe than before.