Michigan Female Substance Abuse Counsellor Sexually Assaulted Two Men at Treatment Centre; Pleaded Guilty
Representational Image (Photo Credits: pixabay)

Addiction or dependence on any particular substance is one of the most complex areas of mental health. It can often be difficult to treat. To overcome from such activities, medical experts or substance abuse counsellor steps in depending on the complexity of the problem. They have a significant role in the entire treatment process. However, a recent case questions the legality of such mental health centres. A counsellor at a substance abuse treatment centre in Michigan sexually assaulted two men in custody. As per reports, the woman who had sex with the patients was sentenced to five years’ probation and was ordered to attend therapy after pleading guilty. Indiana Mother Admits of Not Protecting Daughter From Boyfriend Who Raped Her Leading to Pregnancy, 10-Year-Old Delivers Baby Boy. 

Lansing State Journal identifies the woman as Rachele Johnson who worked as a counsellor at the House of Commons, a court-mandated, state-run substance abuse treatment centre. The 26-year-old worked at night at multiple times and was the only counsellor there if the men needed anything. She had sex with two men who were living at the House of Commons. However, the men claimed that they were not the victim. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Lisa McCormic said, “Johnson's status as a Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton, Ingham Counties employee means the men would not have been able to consent to sex.”

One of the men she assaulted, stated that while working at the House of Commons, Johnson provided the men with cell phones and even allowed them to leave to purchase alcohol. He described the relationship as “flirty” and said that they would go into a room where there were no cameras. He even said that Johnson made up doctors’ appointment so that they could be together outside of the house. Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk ruled the hearing. There was no evidence if the 26-year-old used her position to force the men into sex, but Draganchuk pointed out that her actions challenged the legitimacy of the treatment centre and harmed its overall structure. As per the Michigan Penal Code, she is pleaded to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, misconduct in office and providing the cell phone to a prisoner.