Nine-Foot Python Roaming in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Constabulary on Hunt
Python (Photo Credits: ANI)

Cambridge, June 30: Panic gripped in Cambridgeshire following the reports that a massive python is on a loose. After the complaint, police started a search for reticulated python, initially, they were told that around ten-foot snake spotted in Lovell Road, Cambridge. The cops on Sunday said that they visit the place and met the reptile's owner and confirmed the snake's size was nine-foot. 60 Poisonous Snakes Found in School Kitchen in India.

"In the early hours of this morning Officers attended the area of Lovell Rd Cambridge, Reports of a three-meter snake seen in the area. Police have located the owner but not the Reticulated Python confirmed to be 9ft long. Any sighting please notify Cambs Police on 101," police tweeted. Snake in Toilet! Python Slithers into Indian-Style Commode; Mumbai Resident Faints After Spotting It.

The Reticulated pythons are among the longest's snakes and can grow to 31.2 feet. The hunt is on for loose python. If anyone who sees the snake can inform it to @CampsCops on Twitter or call on 101.

In May 2019, Cambridgeshire Police found a large striped (orange and black) corn snake out. “Road policing officers got a bit of a shock this morning when they came across thissss snake in the grass on Arbury Road in Cambridge,” police said on Twitter. The snake was shifted to a wildlife centre in Stretham.