Pakistan Media Regulatory Body Issues Notice to TV Channel for Airing 'Fake News'
Pakistan National Flag (Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Islamabad, October 14: Pakistan's electronic media regulatory authority has issued a notice to a private TV channel for airing news reports deemed to be against two federal ministers, a media report said Sunday.

"From the tickers it was transpired that the prime minister had expressed displeasure over the performance of federal finance minister for his policies," Dawn reported, citing the notice issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Saturday.

In the notice titled 'Notice on False News, it said that by airing such reports, the channel had violated provisions of the 2015 Electronic Media Code of Conduct. 'Pakistani Media Censored by Army, Not Free to Report Reality', Says Exiled Scribe.

The regulatory authority asked the TV channel to prove authenticity of its reports and submit a reply by Monday, the paper reported. It also said if the channel failed to provide evidence in support of its reports, it should tender an apology.