Gadkari Should Name Leader Who Exploits Contractors: Khaire

Aurangabad (Maha), Jan 15 (PTI) Union minister Nitin Gadkari should reveal the name of the political leader from Marathwada region of Maharashtra who `harasses' contractors, Shiv Sena leader Chandrakant Khaire said here on Wednesday.

This leader belonged to Gadkari's own party, the BJP, the former MP alleged.

"Gadkari had told me the name of the leader who does such things. He should disclose the name," Khaire told reporters here.

The Union Road Transport and Highways Minister had said recently that political leaders harass contractors when any infrastructure work starts in the region.

These leaders call contractor before the work starts and demand bribes, Gadkari had hinted, warning that they would face CBI raids if such obstruction of work did not stop.

"Nitin Gadkari knows the leader who calls contractors. The leader belongs to his party," Khaire claimed .

"Phulambri-Jalgaon road work is not in my constituency. But the contractor approached me when he was being bullied. I met Gadkari over this issue and he told me the name....Even former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis knew who is this leader, but they could not do anything as the leader belongs to their own party," the Shiv Sena leader said.

Aurangabad MP Imtiyaz Jaleel said Gadkari was telling the truth.

"Ajanta-Aurangabad road work stopped due to political interference. But leaders alone are not responsible. Officers are also involved. It is a strong nexus. We come to know in advance who will get the contract when any work with a big budget is announced," the MIM leader said.

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