Jaipur, May 25 (PTI) Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Wednesday said Rajasthan has immense potential for development for which its unexplored sectors should be focused for development.

Addressing young entrepreneurs at a programme here, Birla said that experience is an important ingredient of any work and youths should move forward using the experience of their predecessors, besides their own knowledge and vision.

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“The youth should not be confused or worried about whatever goals they set for their life. If you keep trying, you will definitely get results. This applies in all fields including industry, business and politics,” he said.

He said there is immense potential for Rajasthan's growth as there are many such unexplored sectors in the state and if their growth is attempted, it will prove beneficial for the state and the country in future.

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Responding to a question by an entrepreneur, Birla said the work of the new building of Parliament will be completed this year.

He also invited young entrepreneurs to visit the Parliament.

During his Jaipur visit, Birla also attended other programmes including one for facilitating Corona warriors and an award distribution function of Jaipur Doctors Welfare Authority.

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