New Delhi, Jul 17 (PTI) The Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) on Friday said it is offering a master class to automobile dealers on digital sales and marketing in association with SpeakIn, a platform that offers interaction opportunities with experts.

It aims to build digital competence within the dealership that can aid and add to the existing brick and mortar on ground sale. It is specifically designed to build and upgrade skills in the fast-paced digital world, ASDC said in a statement.

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ASDC Chairman Nikunj Sanghi said, "COVID-19 has changed the entire game, our relationship today has become digital. The art of selling is experiencing massive disruption and some of these changes will outlive the pandemic."

To maintain market continuity, the dealerships have to become as active as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on digital platforms. The back offices need to equally efficiently use digital tools to engage with the customers, he added.

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SpeakIn Managing Partner Deepshika Kumar said the aim is to hear insights of the experts on the impending digital transformation journey of the automotive retail business and the advantages, opportunities and possible challenges the sector can foresee.

"By the end of this course, attendees will be equipped with basic knowledge about how they can use digital platforms to grow their business, drive traffic, engage with their customers and acquire the skills necessary to be an effective dealer at automobile dealerships," she added.

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