The goal is to motivate & inspire a million & more through social media says Abhishek Mahankal, a certified technical analyst & stock broker with a substantial following on Instagram.

Along with his dedicated team of Traders, he has created an App & devised a platform  for trading & educational purposes. TRADR- Let’s Reach The Top Together as the tagline suggests they’ve been providing positive results time and again with proper risk management. They believe in exceptional execution and are a big follower of unique money & risk management, along with 24*7 support in person and digitally.

Abhishek Mahankal’s journey is full of bouncy adventures as he started early at the age of 17. Every failure in his life has made him stronger. He understands the importance of financial freedom and strongly believes and practises spreading joy which is evident by the constant free trades on social platforms without any reciprocation simply proves his will to help people to earn huge profits.

Nothing excites him more than the charts, sharing the same interests he met Yash Jaiswal whose technical expertise helped them grow and expand  together and eventually they became business partners.

Practice does make a man perfect but smart work is the need of the hour, not hard work.

Their newest venture, a Trading Floor !  A concept formulated to sculpt new minds, and develop a decorum for healthy trading, to provide personal mentorship with undivided attention, multiple strategies being tested and taught, and a dedicated place for all the traders in town to come together and brainstorm their ideas.

The Tradr Mentorship Program is quite unique; they provide free accommodation, food and utilities for students along with the course. Deep & thorough study of every aspect is covered until mastered by each one.

Their app is also available on Android and Apple which has a 7 days free trial period for everyone. Isn’t that exciting ?

The people around him are always enthusiastic and pumped for all the new challenges, even when the bears are holding the higher grounds and all hell falls on them. He never losses hope, he never stops, he keeps pushing through, there is simply no giving up. Every Monday is a blessing, every Friday is a lesson.

He is very approachable and always there to support young traders to grow to their fullest potential. The team wants to see everyone on top, as the tagline says – ‘ LET'S REACH THE TOP TOGETHER.'