Once a man reaches 40 years of age, it becomes more difficult for him to stay in shape and maintain his sexual health and wellness. If he lacks a proper exercise and nutrition regimen, then fatigue, weight issues, and loss of sex drive could strike him even sooner. Since so many successful men lead stressful and unhealthy lives, many feel they have “lost their edge.”

Dr. Kien Vuu, popularly known as Doctor V, is a performance and longevity doctor. His clinic, VuuMD, aims to help high achievers transform their minds, bodies, and libidos so that they can perform at their best in every area of life.

“Each client goes through a detailed BioEnergetic assessment to determine lifestyle factors that could be contributing to their lack of performance,” said Doctor V. “And for those patients who desire to reclaim that edge in the gym, office, or bedroom, there are safe and effective advances in medicine that can be used to optimize performance. Some men feel the effects in as little as a few hours.”

Doctor V is the epitome of an American success story. He was brought to the United States as an infant boat refugee by his immigrant parents. With no money or connections, they faced dire poverty and racism in their early years in America. However, they knew it was a country where a better life could be made for themselves and their son. That dream would eventually come true.

Doctor V dedicated his life to science and education. He started his career as a board-certified interventional and diagnostic radiologist - a physician who identifies and treats diseases with the use of medical imaging technology and other non-invasive techniques.

“I’ve treated countless patients with chronic diseases, but I was never satisfied with the disease-based model of traditional medicine alone,” said Doctor V. “Having overcome diabetes and high blood pressure myself, I knew the best ways to overcome chronic diseases and perform at our best are time-tested, science-driven protocols that combine ancestral wisdom and modern medicine.”

Doctor V decided to take his medical practice in a different direction. He sought additional training from world experts of nutrition, personal development, spirituality, performance medicine, and longevity medicine. With his deeper understanding of non-traditional and integrative medicine, he started to offer a unique combination of treatments to increase the mental, physical, and sexual performance of his male patients.

Doctor V has revived the mojo of hundreds of highly successful men. His success has resonated on social media and national television shows like “the Doctors” and “Access Hollywood.”

“The health transformation process should be fun, challenging, and truly a journey of rediscovery,” said Doctor V. “I teach patients how to enjoy the process as they become the person they’ve always desired. It is my honor to guide them on their course to happiness, fulfillment, and the best version of themselves. The greatest reward is seeing the energy and confidence radiate from my patients as they reclaim their health, relationships, and purpose.”

Doctor V’s new book “Thrive State: Your Blueprint for Optimal Health, Longevity, and Peak Performance” hit bookshelves April 2021, and you can pre-order your copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold. Learn more about Doctor V and the science of human performance and longevity at his website kienvuu.com , or connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube @kienvuumd .