India Monae, a multi-passionate innovator, entrepreneur, and lifestyle influencer is redefining the way female-run businesses can evolve. Being a successful real estate investor, India has not only expanded her vision of entrepreneurship in terms of money but has also amplified the results due to her humane connection with others. When many modern-day entrepreneurs chose to focus on their lifestyles without actually influencing people, India Monae has created a distinguished platform where she is emphasizing on giving her valuable teachings to the millennials. Not only India Monae has gone out of her comfort zone to share insights on creating enormous wealth, in real sense she has given her tribe the best from her wisdom.
However, India Monae didn't become this renowned all of a sudden. Her transformation goes back to the summer of 2015 when she went through a life-changing accident that left her in a wheelchair. This was the time when India took a decision on changing her life and she started creating wealth while being in a wheelchair. Since then, there has been no looking back for India Monae. Her financial portfolio Land Over Labels also expanded during this time.
After working for Beyonce’s Dereon and Nordstrom, India’s career as a fashion stylist took off. She used her abilities to create looks that were incredibly received and brought her to limelight particularly in Atlanta. In no time, India Monae grew her business to nearly $100k. The millennial entrepreneur has not only created generational wealth for herself, she has built a strong empire that stands on her will and an undying passion to create a change in the world. In order to help other woman, India created The Fashion Boss Academy. The Fashion Boss Academy gives fashion from a global perspective.
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