Exclusive! Mallika Dua Is All Praises for Kangana Ranaut; Feels It’s Necessary for Women to Speak Up
In exclusive chat with Mallika Dua (Pic Credit: Mallika Instagram)

Comedian and actor Mallika Dua is someone who won't mince her words. She speaks her mind and it doesn't bother her if her opinions are appreciated or not. From being tough enough to raise a voice against Akshay Kumar to having a stand in the ongoing #MeToo movement, Mallika is a fierce lady, an inspiration for so many. It's not easy for women to speak out in the entertainment industry. Yet she chose a path where humiliation was evident but putting her views and correcting the wrongs was more significant to her. We recently met the actress for an interaction on her new web series The Trip 2. And amongst many questions that we bombarded her with, there was this curious one. We asked her why is it difficult to open up for women in this so-called patriarchal world and her answer was convincing enough. Exclusive! Amyra Dastur believes Kareena Kapoor Khan's Veere Di Wedding was inspired by TV series The Trip.

When we asked her why we need more women like Mallika in our society and why can't women speak up for themselves, she said, "I don't know. It's because we have been conditioned to please everybody. And I have this problem with so many people I meet. So many people will advice you in this industry that be nice to everyone, be likeable. Even if you are upset about something, you don't say anything. You be nice and likeable. And I am like, that's not me. That's not why people watch me or like me." Going further, she elaborated on why Kangana Ranaut is appreciated for who she is. "That's the reason why people like Kangana. I am not saying she's flawless or I am flawless. Everyone has their flaws. But you need to be true to yourself. If not being rude is part of who you are then you stick to that. But if you believe in speaking up, then do that. Don't suppress your identity to impress somebody else. And I believe that you owe it to the people who have given you love and affection to tell them the truth."

Mallika shares so many similarities with Kangana. She believes it needs tremendous courage to do what Kangana has accomplished. For an outsider like the Queen actress who had to work hard to achieve her feat in the industry, it was risky to question issues like nepotism and all the male ego that dominates the society. It could have ruined her career but it didn't bug her. She spoke against the wrong and Mallika too wants to continue doing the same in future. Well, we do hope women like them inspire others in every industry and it's time the world stops taking us for granted. Mallika Dua Writes An Open Letter to Nishtha Jain, Says She Supports #MeToo Movement But Stands By Her Father Vinod Dua.

The new season of  TheTrip 2  sees Mallika sharing the screen space with Shweta Tripathi, Amyra Dastur and Sapna Pabbi. The comedian revealed she had a blast while shooting with her girl gang and going by in its new episodes, we know she was not lying.