Brightburn New Trailer: Meet the Superman That We All Should Be Afraid Of - Watch Video
Brightburn new trailer is scarier and horrifying than before (Photo Credit: YouTube)

What happens when you have a desire to present something innovative with superhero movie genres? Well, it results in Brightburn! Produced by the 'visionary director' of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn the movie is an innovative mashup of two different genres. It revolves around a superhero but there's a twist to it. The boy in question here is evil and the makers are toying around with the idea of selling it as a horror movie. Sounds interesting, eh? Well, it surely is. Instead of calling it an evil superhero movie, we prefer to tag it as Superman but evil! Why Superman? Well, that's simply 'cos there's so much similarity between them. James Gunn's 'BrightBurn' Gets New Release Date.

Brightburn's new trailer is scarier than the previous one as it establishes a horror plot conveniently. Elizabeth Banks plays a mother to a child (Jackson A. Dunn) who lands on Earth under mysterious circumstances. Yup, just like our beloved Kryptonian. However, the boy has an evil side to him and that aggravates when he's bullied by his fellow classmates in the school. Though he's raised like an ordinary child, he can't run away from his own dark thoughts. Once acquainted with his superpowers, the child starts enjoying his evil side, making the scenario scarier and grittier than before. The Lego Movie 2, Aladdin, The Lion King, Star Wars Episode IX - 30 Hollywood Non-Superhero Movies of 2019 We are Super-Excited About!

Watch the new trailer of Brightburn below

James Gunn is brilliant is imagining a genre that's new of its kind. Mixing a superhero with evil and horror is intriguing and Brightburn conveys the right emotions. Did anyone wonder about the scenario with evil Superman around? One can only imagine what havoc he would have caused. But thanks to Gunn's new offering, your imagination can turn into a reality and see the results for yourself. The film is slated to release on May 24, 2019.