Captain Marvel New Trailer: Fans On Twitter Trip On Brie Larson's 'Super Saiyyan' Form, Nick Fury Playing With A Kitty And Call Her Thanos' Worst Nightmare!
Captain Marvel second trailer Twitter reactions. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

The second trailer of MCU's "Strongest Avenger" or so say Twitterati, Captain Marvel, is finally out. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film stars Brie Larson as the superhero Captain Marvels and Carol Danvers. With a peek in her past, the production house plans to bring back Carol Danvers in her Captain Marvel suit to avenge for the disintegration of some of the Avengers and half the world in Avengers 4. The second trailer might not have amused our trailer critic who stated that the trailer did lack some punch. However, everybody on Twitter is tripping on a lot of things from the trailer.

Right from Nick Fury playing with a kitty (only to be interrupted by Danvers) to Captain Marvel bringing in her actual form, the one that gives us major Dragon Ball Z feels, the trailer has something for everyone. People are calling Larson the Strongest Avenger and are asking Thanos to beware as she is coming to get him. Some Twitterati has also pointed out the similarities of the burning passion in the eyes of several of the Avengers such as Thor and Scarlett Witch. People are speculating what would be the outcome if Captain Marvel and Thor team up against Thanos. You can check out all the madness below.

Fans tripping on Captain Marvel's Super Saiyyan form

Fans connecting Captain Marvel and Thor

Thanos beware!

Nick Fury and the kitty <3

And reactions in general -

While the trailer was interesting with a few additional scenes to the previous trailer, it was disappointing to see Jude Law deliver a 2-second appearance. Come on! Give the man more screen time even in trailers! The film is set to release on March 8, 2019, and stars Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law and Samuel L Jackson in pivotal roles.