'Iron Man and Captain America F**k' in Infinity War? Nope, Just a Comedy Writer Trolling Everyone with Fake Reviews
Captain America, Iron Man (Photo Credits: Marvel Studios)

What if someone told you that Captain America and Iron Man had sex within the first fifteen minutes of Avengers: Infinity War? We all are pro for LGBT inclusion in the MCU, but maybe, just maybe, this is not the way we'd want it to be. And you all will call BS on that sex story right away. At least some of you would. But some fell for that scoop, when a Twitter user named, Ben Mekler, wrote some epic level fake reviews for movies. Even some entertainment websites, Ben's primary targets, fell for his fake reviews. He talked about the sex scene prior to the release of Infinity War and a few entertainment websites included in their review roundup. From Avengers: Infinity War to Captain Marvel: Here’s Taking a Look at Opening Day Collections of Last Five MCU Movies.

The man of the hour had fans and the sites riled up once again, recently, when he said that Captain Marvel and FRIENDS are related. Bizarre. But truth be told, even we included the tweet in our review roundup, because we just wanted to mess with you all. Sorry?

Here are some of the most traumatic, but funny, fake reviews by the dude himself.

Ben Mekler is the write of some popular shows and it shows.

Funny thing is when Ben tweeted about Aquaman, James Wan, the director of the film, ended up retweeting him. And, we feel disappointed as we say this, but Jason Momoa did not perform a musical number while wearing clams.

In the end, all we got to do is welcome Ben to Indian Twitter. Because Indian fans have only started to discover him and, boy, it is going to be a fun ride from here onwards. We hope he is ready.