Netflix’s Dating Around: Viewers Left Fuming over ‘Racist’ White Dude Mansplaining Love to an Indian Woman
Gurki Justin on Dating Around (Photo Credits: Netflix)

Netflix has released its first dating show called - Dating Around. For the most part of it, Dating Around is a mellow show that you might want to watch while sipping a drink with your gang. Minus one particularly nasty moment on the show. During that moment you'd want to smash the screen and throw your drink on whoever that man is on TV. At least that is what most viewers wanted to do -- going by the angry angry tweets going viral on Twitter. Dating Around episodes feature a young singleton going on several dates with several prospects. In the second episode, an Indian woman, Gurki, who got divorced at 32, lands a misfortunate date with a New Yorker named Justin. Blow Job Memes Go Viral After FYRE Festival’s Andy King Confesses to Performing Oral Sex For Bottled Water in Netflix Documentary.

The date goes decently until the final few minutes of it. The final two minutes or so has our beloved Justin explaining what it means to be in love in New York to Gurki. We'd love to hear what Gurki's point of view was but we can't because dapper dude Justin didn't let her speak. He, as said by some on Twitter, mansplained love to the Indian woman.

So, Netflix decided to upload the video of the batsh*t crazy bad date on Twitter. The video reached out to more than the people who watched the show itself. Oh, we get it now. Hilarious Bird Box Memes Go Viral Even As Netflix Scrambles to Stop The Dangerous #BirdBoxChallenge.

So, check out the video here first:

Infuriated, right? These people felt the same. See some of the best reactions that the video received.

Of course, Twitter was able to give some major burns to the guy with wit and humour

What do you think about the video from Dating Around? Do you think Justin was being unnecessarily rude to Gurki? Or do you think he had a point? Tweet to us @latestly.