Lahore, August 3: In an exclusive candid interview with 'The Current', Pakistani actress Mahira Khan revealed that she was star-struck by Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and said, I did feel butterflies in my stomach when I saw Shah Rukh. Mahira gave a candid interview to The Current on Sunday who posted the interview on their official website and Instagram handle. Did Raees Fame Mahira Khan Get ENGAGED to Long-Time Boyfriend Salim Karim?.

On being asked about her views regarding the 'innocent' roles played by her in various series and movies till date, Mahira said, "The only innocent role that people think I have played in my movies till date is Khirad Asan in Pakistani series, Humsafar. Khirad is one of my most strong characters." Mahira also stated that Kharid and Arshad's couple might come on screen in the future.

Extremely excited about her upcoming movie, 'Superstar', Mahira said: "Superstar is a lot more of me; it has a weird honesty to it which is rare. I have given so much of myself to this movie. This movie has my entire heart. "Mahira came across a startling secret about her school days, where many guys used to ask their girl friends to become friends with Mahira so that the guys can also hang out with her. "What? I have no clue about this thing, I was in my own little world at that time," said Mahira while blushing on the camera.

On being asked about the best thing about being a backbencher Mahira said, the best thing about being a backbencher is that you can sit there chat with your friends the entire day. I used to have that chit chat moment with my best friend, sitting on the last bench during my school days. "Being a successful and hardworking actress, Mahira sometimes feels guilty for not giving time to her son due to her busy mundane routine. "The guilt sometimes takes over me and then I tell myself that I will quit this profession and I won't do this anymore.

Then I don't take projects, I start rejecting things. Later, I realize that I have to do this because there is a reason why we work apart from the fact that we love our work. We work because we have to," said Mahira. On being asked who left Mahira starstruck, she said, "Nobody as such but I did feel butterflies in my stomach when I saw Shah Rukh. Devoleena Bhattacharjee Gets Into A Heated Exchange With a Pakistani Fan After Taking A Dig at Mahira Khan!

"Last but not the least, on being asked why the citizens of Lahore should support the President, Imran Khan, Mahira said: "Firstly, I think he is honest. Secondly, I think the way he runs Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, which I have been a part of since last six to seven years now, If he can run the country even one percent of that then it'll be amazing. Lastly, I feel that his heart is in the right place."Mahira Khan made her Bollywood debut in Shah-Rukh Khan starrer Raees in 2017.