Shadowed: Lights Out and Shazam Director Drops New Horror Short and We're Never Turning the Lights off Again (Watch Video)
Shadowed Short Film (Photo Credits: YouTube/ ponysmasher)

About six years ago a viral short film, Lights Out, shook the world. It spawned a full-fledged feature film and launched the career of director David F. Sandberg, who went on to direct Annabelle: Creation and Shazam. The short film had David's wife Lotta Losten acting in it. The two did make a few more shorts, but have been inactive for the past couple of years. Now, quarantined and bored, the couple has made another short horror film, which is, again, going viral. Shazam Movie Review: Zachary Levi’s DC Superhero Film Will Make the Child in You Jump in Glee!

Sandberg's latest short film is titled, Shadowed. It is in a similar space as Lights Out, only this time the lights show us the shadow of the evil entity. Losten is at the thick of the horror, again. And the internet is loving this return.

While sharing the YouTube and Vimeo links to this new film, which he calls 'companion piece to Lights Out, he wrote, "Made a new 3 minute horror short, 'Shadowed', together with @lottalosten because what else are we going to do while stuck indoors.

Watch The Short Film Shadowed Here:

Check Out Sandberg's Tweet Here:

Sandberg is also working on the sequel of his DCEU hit, Shazam, that featured Zachary Levy as the titular superhero. The filmmaker said in an interview that the sequel might be delayed due to the ongoing COVI19 pandemic. He told "We'll see how long this goes, because I mean, we were going to start shooting this year. I mean, it feels like every movie gets delayed now, so we'll see what happens with 'Shazam!' But so far, I've been working on the script. We can still do that, so that's being done and then, yeah, we'll just see in a couple of months how it looks, you know?" Shazam 2: After Ezra Miller's The Flash, Zachary Levi's Sequel Locks in a Release Date, Will Hit the Screens on April 1, 2022.

To bring you up to speed, as to what's so special about this new short film, Sandberg took part in a short film making contest and won with "Lights Out". The movie got so popular that various filmmakers from the industry wanted to collab with Sandberg. Lawrence Grey, a producer, wanted to turn Lights Out into a full-fledged feature, with James Wan (The Conjuring, Aquaman) as co-writer. And so they did. The movie became a huge hit upon its release.