On the next day, the task begins again. And after the balls are thrown out of the volcano, the contestants grab them. And some try to steal the balls from the other contestants' containers. In this, Saba gets hurt and she says this is the second time, it's happening to her. 

The jodis are discussing who will become the next captain if they win the task, and Anup wants Saba and Somi to be the captains, while others want Deepak. This didn't go down well with Saba and Somi, who say that they don't want their support. Soon Saba breaks down and says that she doesn't want to be the captain now. 

Due to rains, the task has been stopped temporarily. Anup and Jasleen, who had a fight last night are sitting together again. Romil, who tried to add fuel to the fire yesterday, now asks Anup to tell Jasleen to forgive him. 

Luxury never comes easy, one needs to work hard for it! Similarly, Bigg Boss has no intentions of giving the housemates an easy way out, especially when it comes to the budget that can help meet their requirements. With the culmination of a challenging nomination task, it is time for the housemates to gear up and prepare to win the luxury budget task. Implying to the luxury budget- ‘Jwalamukhi’, Bigg Boss wakes the contestants with a fiery track ‘Jigar Ma Badi Aag Hai’ giving them a hint of the storm that was going to hit them. This particular task will also affect the captaincy for the week.

A huge volcano is set up in the garden area, one that would spit out colorful balls. Singles and one member from each jodi were allowed to participate in the task. Dipika Kakar, Nehha Pendse, Srishty Rode, Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth took part against Romil Chaudhary, Jasleen Matharu, Saba Khan, Deepak Thakur and Sourabh Patel. Surbhi Rana and Somi Khan are the sanchalaks of this task. Each member is given a glass box and they had to fill it with the colored balls they collected. After every gong that rang, the contestant with the least balls would be eliminated. The last three survivors would be given a chance to battle for the Fizz Captain of the week.

As the task begins, Romil asks if the other member of the jodi can take part in the task, and the singles say no. But Romil doesn't agree and that's when Dipika refuses to do the task. However, Bigg Boss clarifies that the other partner can't take active participation in the task. 

Last night's episode of Bigg Boss 12 was super interesting, thanks to the aftermath of the nominations task. Sreesanth, Srishty Rode, Karanvir Bohra are in the danger zone as one member of the jodi managed to do what they asked them to do in order to save themselves from the nominations. Only Jasleen Matharu didn't sacrifice her clothes and makeup and hence she and Anup Jalota are also nominated. the fact that Jasleen chose makeup and clothes over Anup didn't go down well with him. He was deeply hurt and hence he dumped Jasleen on national television. On the other hand, we saw a massive argument between Shivashish Mishra and Srishty Rode. Bigg Boss 12: Here’s Why Sreesanth Got Pissed at Romil Chaudhary’s Leg Spin Comment on Him.

On tonight's episode, we will see the contestants taking part in the luxury budget task, which will also have an affect on who will become the next captain of the house after Nehha Pendse. Check out all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12 right here.