Bigg Boss 12 Grand Premiere Episode: What a Transformation! We Absolutely Love Salman Khan's New Look - See Pics
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bigg Boss 12 has finally kicked off on a Dabanng note with some kickass performances by the one and only Salman Khan. As the grand premiere episode has gone on air, here's what we have absolutely loved about it so far! Salman Khan has actually undergone a transformation for the twelfth season and we are so loving it big time!  It's fresh and it is different. Here's taking a look at 3 things that we absolutely loved about Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 12 so far.  Bigg Boss 12: Exclusive! Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani to Be the Moderators of the First Task Of The Season.

Let's Start With the French Beard

For the longest time now, we have seen Salman keep the clean- shaven look. But he's clearly opted for a totally new avatar for Bigg Boss 12 and we totally love it! We last saw him opt for the french beard in Kick so it is indeed kind of refreshing to see him don this new look. Let's hope it stays for quite some time.

Quirkiness Quotient

Look at that shimmery jacket! Have you ever seen him wear something like that? Not that we can think of! Also, we must admit, we were quite bored of the usual brown and black coloured pant suit. This jacket ads just the right tinge of quirkiness.

His Badass Attitude

With a strong personality and a badass attitude like that, ain't nobody gonna mess with the Khan!

And this is how he has looked in the previous seasons

This is basically our reaction to the first promo of Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 12. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Salman Khan as Bigg Boss 12 host (Image Credit: Stock Photo)

The contestants in Bigg Boss 12 will be welcomed in pairs. (Photo Credit: File Image)

Quite a transformation, we told ya!

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