Shehbaz tells Sidharth and Shehnaaz that Paras and Mahira only want to separate Sidharth - Shehnaaz. Sidharth tells Shehbaz that he is behaving with Paras that same way that he is. Shehbaz asks the duo to stay together. But the topic of Shehnaaz hanging out with Rashami and Vishal comes up and an angry Sid walks out. 

Shah apologises to Gill about her last night's comments on her. But Shehnaaz says that she does not care about anyone else's statements but Sidharth's words affect her a lot. 

Kashmera asks Arti if she feels for Sidharth, but Singh reveals that her temperament does not match with him. Kashmera still pushes for Sidharth and says that he is protective for Arti and has always saved her, and he is the perfect husband material for her. Kashmera says she will talk to Sid, but Arti advises her against it. 

Kashmera, Paras and Sidharth talk about Arhaan and Rashami's habit of hiding food and the former decrees that this kind of behaviour looks very bad on TV. 

 Vikas tells Sidharth to refrain from dragging anybody's fathers into fights where he generally uses the words 'baap'. He tells Sidharth to let things be for a few days more in the house. At night, Asim professes his undying love for Himanshi Again. 

Himanshi Khurana tells Asim Riaz about how her relationship with her fiance fell apart. She states that Asim was partly responsible for her break up, but other reasons like how her fiance's family never bothered to check with her once she came back and other compatibility issues. She goes on to reveal that she always wanted to save her relationship and tried her best but she never got any response. 

Sidharth consults Mahira and distributes house duties to which Rashami, Asim and Vishal disagree. While Rashami says she will not wash utensils because she has sinus, Sidharth disagrees and the issue snowballs. Further too, Sidharth gets into a fight with Vishal over duties and doing utensils. 

The housemates cut Shehnaz's cake and Shehbaz talks to everyone and says he like Arti Singh. Shehbaz tells Shehnaaz that she needs to be careful of Rashami and other in the house as everyone bitches behind her back. 

Sidharth goes to talk to Shehnaaz and she tells him that she is waiting for someone from her family to come. Paras asks her to keep it cool and maintains that she is waiting for her connection. Sidharth comes and asks her why is she being rude to him and walks off. 

Shefali Jariwala enters as Paras Chhabra's connection and she nominates Arti Singh as the interim captain. She starts teasing and irritating Asim and Shehnaaz who are visually irked with her return. Shehnaaz, Asim and Himanshi talk about her in the bathroom and pull her leg. Shehnaaz also asks Sidharth and tells him that he will now get back to his old self. Asim and Shefali get into their old boring banter and Himanshi says that she is not liking their arguments. 

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Bigg Boss 13 is soon inching closer to the finale with only a fortnight or so remaining. And to spice up the game, the makers brought in some supporters for the contestants in the form of friends and family members. While Asim Riaz's happiness knows no bounds on seeing Himanshi Khurana enter the house, Vikas Gupta enters and claims that Asim has a girlfriend outside (claims that Asim's best friend and brother have slammed). As soon as Vikas enters, he meets Himanshi and Asim and tells them that they should completely end whatever connections and relationships they have outside, and then start fresh relationships and bonds. Bigg Boss 13 Day 122 Preview: Vikas Gupta Exposes Asim Riaz's Double Dating Standards, Shehnaaz Gill's Brother Drops A Huge Bomb (Watch Video).

Tonight's episode also sees Shefali Jariwala enter the house and her presence irks both Asim and Shehnaaz and the latter also ends up fighting with Shukla. The episode will also see how Asim is super annoyed with Himanshi and Vikas for pulling pranks on him and acts out. Stay Tuned! Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz’s Brother Umar Riaz SLAMS Vikas Gupta For Claiming That The Former Is In A Relationship.