Salman says that only Asim Riaz is coming across as real. Salman says that he will tell the name of the evicted contestant on Sunday. Sidharth hugs Asim, patching up their differences. Himanshi joins them in the hug. Arti joins them as well. Shefali comes and says she also wants to be part of the group hug and they all hug again.On the main stage, Salman Khan welcomes Anil Kapoor. Anil enters on the song from Race. He is there to promote his film, Pagalpanti

Salman Khan announces that as per the audience's poll, Hindustani Bhau is the entertainer and not Devoleena. Salman asks Bhau, "pakana mat". Shefali Jariwala wins the 'leadership' tag from the audience. Shefali is asked to give advice to everyone. She tells Arhaan to be clear about what he wants. She likes the new chemistry she has with Sidharth and praises her singing skills. She says that she doesn't trust Vishal and that he will have to win the trust of the contestants. She tells Khesari that she is proud of him despite fighting with him all the time. 

Contestants have picked Hindustani Bhau as Bol Bachchan. That is because audience have picked Arhaan Khan for the tag. Salman says that only Asim Riaz picked correctly for the tag. Salman adds that everyone is proud of the way Asim is playing. Salman asks Hindustani Bhau to not use abusive words. He can use words like butt and ass and tashreef, but not abusive words. 

Salman Khan enters the show through TV. The host asks Arhaan to wear the coward tag since contestants picked him. Arhaan argues that he is being tagged because he was the only one left. Salman asks Arhaan to wear the tag. Salman reveals that audience picked Khesari as 'gayab' when the contestants picked Mahira. Himanshi has been tagged as directionless, taking the tag from Shefali.  

Himanshi Khurana is tagged as 'overshadowed'. Then comes the chance for the entertainer of the house. Mahira says she picks Debo. She also adds that she has started liking Sidharth now, as opposed to the initial days. Sidharth also picks Debo as entertainer. She wins the entertainer tag and Sidharth puts the placard around her neck like a garland. 

Mahira calls Shefali directionless because during the captaincy task she did not see how much Mahira worked. Shefali calls Mahira a problem child of the house and says she is blind not directionless by Shefali's logic. Asim calls Devo directionless. Arti also says the same. Sidharth calls Khesari as directionless. 

Devoleen and Rashami tag Arhaan Khan as good leader. Shehnaaz and Asim laugh over this. Arti gives the tag to Vishal. Sidharth also agrees with Arti. Shefali agrees as well. Himanshi picks Arhaan. Bhau votes for Vishal. Vishal wins the tag for leadership skills. 

Shehnaaz Gill takes a stand for Shehnaaz Gill. She tells Khesari Lal Yadav that she cannot body shaming terms for Sana. Hindustani Bhau and Vishal Aditya Singh get into a war of words again. Other contestants separate them to avoid the escalation of the situation. 

Contestants are assigned a new task. After a survey with the viewers, contestants are assigned a few labels like 'bol bachchan' and 'dishaheen'. Contestants are not told what label they have received and they have to guess that. Vishal Aditya Singh, Mahira Sharma, Shehnaaz Gill call Hindustani Bhau as 'bol bachchan'. Vishal has problems with Bhau's language. Bhau says to him that if someone has a problem with his language, 'Chal nikal'. Arti Singh also says that Bhau uses abusive language in front of the ladies.  

Some kids are present on the Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan is visited by these kids who are pretending to be the crew members of the reality show. One kid gives Salman the script of the show. One does the make up and hair for the actor. Salman enters the main stage dancing to the song of his upcoming film, Dabangg 3, with kids. Salman wishes the tiny humans a happy children's day and off they go. Salman begins the show once again. 

Bigg Boss 13's new episode of Weekend Ka Vaar is here. This time there are 11 contestants up for evictions, which is quite a big number. One of these 11 will be thrown out of the house, thanks to the audience's poll. The contestants are Shehnaaz Gill, Sidharth Shukla, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Paras Chhabra, Arti Singh, Mahira Sharma, Himanshi Khurana, Khesari Lal Yadav, Asim Riaz, Arhaan Khan, Vishal Aditya Singh. Salman Khan will be joined by celebs like John Abraham and Anil Kapoor on the main stage, as the latter will be there to promote their film PagalpantiBigg Boss 13: Surbhi Chandna Spotted on the Sets of Salman Khan's Show (See Pic).

The audience got some extra footage of Bigg Boss 13 today. A special event for Children's Day was telecast by Colors. For the special show, some kids entered the Bigg Boss house and played games with Bigg Boss contestants. The contestants had a lot of fun playing silly games with these tiny tots. Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma's Mother Lashes Out At Hindustani Bhau After He Calls Her 'Bade Honth Waali Chipkali'.