Ishqbaaz February 28, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Breaks the Prison With Mannat to Find Out the Truth About Varun
Nakuul Mehta and Niti Taylor in Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Hotstar)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Mannat telling SSO (Nakul Mehta) that even when Varun is dead why is that women who call herself his wife had put mangalsutra and sindoor and that she is not able to understand anything. SSO calls out and tells the inspector to take Mannat out. Suddenly SSO coughs and is unable to breathe and collapse. Mannat asks them to call an ambulance. Mannat joins SSO in the ambulance and says she will not leave him. Suddenly SSO winks at Mannat and tells that he also thinks something is wrong and want to find out what is it. Ishqbaaz February 27, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Mannat Refuses to Believe Shivaansh Killed Varun, but Sahil is Out to Prove This Right.

Mannat asks whether he is fine, he says that he was acting and that he is fine. SSO tells that they have to run from here. Mannat cries aloud as what she will do now and prays to God so that her husband get well soon. SSO gets an opportunity and hits the doctor attendant and Mannat manages to burst the tyre and make the vehicle stop, the police come out and see that the vehicles tyre is punctured. When the police see inside they come to know that SSO has escaped with Mannat, they inform their headquarters.

SSO and Mannat run from there. They both see a Gurudwara and goes inside and prays. SSO asks Mannat why she took such a big risk for him. Mannat says she just wanted to help him as she knew he is not guilty. Mannat tells that the way she believes God she also believes him. (tuj peh rab dikta yaara mein kya karu track is played in the background)

SSO tells Mannat that he does not have much time and that he wants to find out about Varun. There the media questions about SSO to the commissioners, she says that he was having some breathing problem so they were taking him to the hospital that time he escaped. PN and all see the news of SSO and are shocked to hear it. PN comes to know that Mannat is also there with SSO, Khanna is worried about SSO’s health and is tensed and pray to God that he should be saved. Sahil gets tensed and calls someone saying that SSO is missing and tells them to find out where is he.

There SSO tells Mannat how can he go out as people will recognize him. Mannat gives him an artificial beard and tells him to put it, SSO and Mannat change their look as no one should recognize them. Mannat tells SSO that they should go by a bullock cart, SSO gets impatient and shouts at Mannat for her idea of going in a bullock cart. SSO tells Mannat to switch off her phone as police might track them through it. They reach the place where Mannat has seen Varun, SSO tries to open the window and go in and tells Mannat to guard outside but she insist n coming in so he tells her to come (janeh jaa janeh jaa track is played in the background). They both come inside and see the house is all empty, Mannat says that she saw Varun’s and his wife’s photo here but now it is not there and that she is telling the truth. SSO tells her that he believes her.