Assam NRC Row: Meghalaya Steps Up Checking of People at Checkpoints, Says Police
Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC) (Photo: Twitter/ Doordarshan)

Shillong, Aug 6: Meghalaya is all set to carry out "rigorous" checking of people entering the state following the publication of the NRC complete draft in Assam, a senior police officer said. Superintendent of Police (infiltration), Debangshu Sangma, told PTI that every person entering the state would be checked at the checkpoints. "At the checkpoints, the people need to show any identification document that proves that he is an Indian citizen and the exercise will continue till further orders," Sangma said. The authorities have advised people to carry citizenship proof when they enter the state, failing which they will not be able to go beyond the seven checkpoints bordering Assam.

His statement came in the wake of reports of people from Assam getting detained at the checkpoints, especially after the July 30 publication of the NRC complete draft in neighbouring Assam. Sangma also denied claims made by the Khasi Students Union that over 1,500 doubtful citizens were detained by their activists at the border crossings. "It is not a fact. The number of people who were stopped and sent back at the infiltration check gates is less than 100 since August 1," he said.