Entrepreneur, Realtor, Advisor, Consultant, Marketer and what not! Jai Karan Walia enthralls all.
We seldom feel change is not at all easy to incorporate in our system and lives. Unforeseen situations and events kick us off from our comfort zone. We often do not get the desired results we seek and feel disappointed. But for a young budding entrepreneur like Jai Karan Walia, Change is the only constant. He opines that we should accept change with conviction and build a better tomorrow for others to follow.
The norms of the society too will always push you to the core but to come out victorious from the clutches of it will fetch you freedom, happiness, and a felling of belonging. All this propelled Jai Karan Walia to form his company “Clever Corp.” Changing the due course of the conventional and traditional methodology of the business world, Clever Corp has been a one-stop all solution technology ahead and advent of the new age era of an organization.
They have provided multiple services and solutions to the current businesses and companies which needs the required push in today’s competitive world to get noticed and build profitable sustainable growth and ensure good flow of revenue generation. Primarily they have been a rising business advisory setup company that mentors, guides many other firms’ setup their business. They also excel in providing advisory services.
With a single clear motto of attaining 100% customer satisfaction coupled with 100% transparency and accountability, Clever Corp has been instrumental in gaining much recognition for their work and scaling new heights of success for them. Their elite clientele includes many such small to big enterprises that initially found it difficult in setting up their business, but today they have not only established themselves, but many have also enabled them to become market leaders in their respective segments. Their increasing popularity has further propelled in extending their other business segments. Jai and his firm now also offer Tax consultancy services and is in Real estate business as well.
Clever Corp for Jai Karan Walia is more than a business where they don’t follow a routine methodology to solve people’s problem but instead take a holistic approach and provide valuable solution to clients which would help them fix their issues permanently. They provide individual consultations, videos, different programs, and forums to help and cater to millions of people solve their never-ending queries and doubts about establishing their businesses the right way. They own multiple offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, and Nigeria.
Jai who had moved to Dubai in 2011 to pursue his mechanical engineering, graduated from BITS Pilani institute and also completed his EMBA from world's 9th ranked Hult business school. Excelling in his academics and further honing his skills, Jai worked with many MNC’s to gain the proficient knowledge and ready himself for his venture ahead. And today with his tremendous work ethics, Clever Corp has won the 'Indo Arab summit for best Business Setup in UAE in 2019', presented to them by the Union Minister of India.
Jai Karan Walia has now become one of the emerging faces in the entrepreneurial world and all thanks to his efforts, he owns multiple properties in Dubai and also has a series of luxury cars to his name.