Everyone is aware of Social Media Influencers nowadays. They are in high demand from both big and small business houses, for their reach and among a wide variety of audiences. They are generally professionals who have a huge number of followers on social media, their views and choices affect audiences. Shailendra Kumar Singh from Ambikapur is also a Social Media Influencer with 830k followers on Instagram and 5 lac subscribers on his YouTube Channel, but he is a little different from other influencers.

Shailendra helps other youths too in enhancing the social media presence and number of followers. In that sense, he helps budding Social Media Influencers. Shailendra creates Social Media Growth Hack videos. His videos give tips and tricks on various issues related to social media platforms that may help the users to gain followers on these platforms. He also explains the new features of these platforms and how to use them in the best possible ways.

Besides this Shailendra is a proficient Graphic Designer and Photo/Video Editing Expert. He is renowned in his area for his capabilities in this domain. People not only from Ambikapur but many other places reach out to him impressed by the quality of his work. Glimpses of his work are clearly seen in his Instagram feeds.

Shailendra is a humble and soft-spoken person. He hails from a middle-class family and reached this level with his sheer hard work and determination. He is a self-made man who understands the importance of learning and building long-term professional relations with his clients. He blends his technical skills and networking ability in the best possible way which has brought him a huge fan following across all social media platforms.

Utilizing the digital platforms for professional growth sitting in a small town, Shailendra has become a bright ray of hope to youths from small towns to understand and adopt the new technology and new marketplace to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.