Some people work because they need to earn profits, and few do it because they are good at it. However, it is rare to find people who are not only talented but also passionate about their job. Count in Achin Srivastava among one of those rare experts! This young man from Uttar Pradesh has pursued his higher education in Bachelors of Business Administration from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture Technology and Science, owing to his science stream since 11th grade. 

This has been one of his best decisions ever, as this would go on to help him a lot later in his life. To top the bar, he officially began to develop himself as a Digital Marketer and started along with CPA. His educational background and qualifications are obviously almost flawless, making him eligible for one of the best kinds of jobs. This is the reason why he is currently partnered as a Business Manager in Gratify Digital. He also works for a few other things, one of them being a combined effort along with SEO projects of clients like SKMI, SkratchDj, and HIHT Institute. Since eCommerce businesses are on boom now, how can he be left behind? He has been generating a good chunk of revenues through eComm businesses too. 

Mr Srivastava is educated on a lot of topics like technology, social media, the Internet, and so on, which allows him to work on social issues. He can take on any challenge actively and make sure to crack it down till he has perfected the work. A true perfectionist, he is capable of performing accurately even under a lot of work pressure. Actually, working along with clients can be difficult at times but his attitude towards them plays a big role. Instead of judging them, he judges the situation in order to look for a reliable solution after overlooking the variables carefully. Working hard is not enough, working smart is relevant especially in the present days. His experience with social media and social environments have taught him a lot.

To be useful is one thing, and to have a positive personality is another. Achin Srivastava is well known for his innovative work standards and also as an easy-going person. People working as digital marketers are not usually expected to be easy going because of their work frustration. However, this young man right here was made for this kind of work, because though he finds it filling, it is never completely exhausting. He is really thankful to God for providing him with such great opportunities to develop himself as well as learn about various things which would allow him to flourish more. There is one thing that Mr Srivastava enjoys a lot, that is- travelling. 

Achin has been a keen traveller too, one can easily makeout this from his stories on Instagram. It keeps him innovative, making him have a fresh outlook towards life which is full of opportunities, experiences and things to learn about. Everyday, he strives to contribute more towards social activities besides philanthropic activities. His ambitions have led him to this place today, and he is sure to pursue more. Life is long and Mr Srivastava has some big dreams to fulfil.