Farah Naz New York is an eponymous brand founded by Farah Naz in 2018 after she graduated from  Parsons School of Design, New York. The brand specializes in Haute Couture, High-end luxury clothing, ready to wear evening dress etc. catering a diverse taste and requirements. The designs of the brand are mostly influenced by both classic eastern and western designs with an emphasis on hand woven craft works of French and Eastern specialties.

The brand has come up with an exclusive range of eco-friendly collection with an objective to combat ever increasing problem of environmental pollution and climate change where we are given with the fact that Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth just after oil and petroleum industry. The brand believes that being responsible towards the environment is equally important to looking good and presentable.

The clothing line-up propelled by this green initiative is branded by the company as Sustainable Collection, which are manufactured with the ingredients that undergo no treatment with harmful chemical agents leaving an exclusive eco-friendly wearing experience. The company says, they have specialized resources for procurement of the required fabrics and raw materials. This product range includes Eco-trend Skinny Jeans, Double Silk Jumpsuit, Silk Shirt Hope, Boxy cropped jacket, Cashmere Dress etc. All of their silk-based dresses are prepared with chemical free silks. The brand has the declared policy of promoting Sustainable Fashion as the part of their green initiative which they consider as a very serious business affair.

The basic principle of Farah Naz is to take care of ‘portability’ while not compromising the factor of ‘looking good’. The brand has a suitable range of ready to wear collection which are attractive enough while still easy to tackle and manage. The company does not have objective of mass production of the product lines as they strive to keep the quality, by positing it over quantity.

The classic range of Haute Couture collection from Farah Naz New York give the glimpse of elegant designs which one can expect from a High-end Luxury brand. This haute couture collection is crafted while keeping the requirements and taste of a 21st century woman while still keeping the essence of classic French elegance. All of the dresses belonging to this category are adorned with pearls, beads, sequences, tissue flowers etc. while at the same time providing a comfortable wearing experience for special events like wedding or evening dinners.

The brand also provides an astonishing collection of bridal gowns and dresses best suited for formal occasions. This exclusive range has some of the most extraordinary designs of which Train Ostrich Feathers Gown, A-line Slit Bridal Gown, Evening Gowns are worth mentioning.

The brand has participated in New York Fashion Show for the first time in 2019 in their Haute Couture Runway show, while showcasing its best Haute Couture designs. Selected designs of Farah Naz New York have been featured in several well-known fashion magazines like The Cut, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Fashion Chanel etc.