Dehradun, June 12: This Day and Date of June 12, 2021 will go down in the history of IMA as another landmark milestone, where a total of 425 Gentlemen Cadets of 148 Regular Course and 131 Technical Graduate Course, including 84 Gentlemen Cadets from nine friendly foreign countries successfully passed out from the portals of Indian Military Academy, overcoming all challenges of COVID-19. The Gentlemen Cadets displayed inspiring enthusiasm and zeal, and put up an excellent show, marching with perfection to Military tunes of `Col Bogey’, `Sare Jahan Se Achha’ and Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja with pride and élan reflecting in each step. They knew that their parents and loved ones were witnessing each step with great pride and affection through the live coverage on all media platforms across the globe.

To motivate and inspire the Passing Out Course, Lt Gen RP Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, was present as the Reviewing Officer of the Parade. He congratulated the Gentlemen Cadets on successful completion of their training at IMA. Lt Gen RP Singh, complimented the Instructors and Gentlemen Cadets for the excellent parade, immaculate turnout as well as the crisp, synergised drill movements indicating high standards of training and discipline imbibed by the young leaders. IMA POP Spring Term 2021 Award Ceremony: Motivation Trophy Awarded To Kinley Norbu, Gentleman Cadet From Bhutan.

The entire ceremony was conducted with due COVID precautions, including wearing of masks, gloves and drill formations adapted to  maintain requisite distance between files/columns while executing the drill movements over the reverberating Drill Square against the impressive backdrop of chetwode building. Identical Twins Commissioned Into Indian Army After Passing Out From Indian Military Academy.

Lt Gen RP Singh, the Reviewing Officer, also complimented the 84 Gentlemen Cadets from nine friendly foreign countries. He said “As you step into the folds of the Army, every bit of what you have imbibed here shall be put to test and each one of us have complete confidence that you shall come out with flying colours. For the 341 Indian Gentlemen Cadets passing out course and the 84 Gentlemen Cadets from our Friendly Foreign Countries, this is a momentous occasion which shall be etched in your memory and treasured forever by you. The bonds that you have forged here shall bind our countries together and guide our partnerships ahead in this complex, yet inter-connected globalised world. We must work and move forward with our strong belief in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The World is One Family). Let me congratulate each one of you on this defining moment of your commissioning as an officer, for having successfully completed the challenging training at the Academy, particularly during the prevailing circumstances”.

While addressing the Passing out Course, the Reviewing Officer, exhorted all to dedicate themselves to the service of the nation. He said “These are extremely challenging times while the world battles with the COVID Pandemic and witnesses a host of varied conflicts across the world. You are stepping into an era typified by disruptive technologies, blurring definition of threats, expanding domains of conflict and an interplay of multi-polar complexities. The external and internal challenges that our nation faces from adversarial forces are only set to increase as we rise to take our destined place in the new global order. As warrior leaders of the future, your awareness, proficiency and leadership has to therefore remain extremely dynamic and evolve constantly. The Chetwode Motto must always remain at the core which accords priority to your nation and the men you command. Character, Selflessness, Empathy, Risk Taking and Firm Resolve must guide you as young leaders. To inspire and motivate, there is no substitute to personal conduct and a soldierly ethos.”

The ‘Pipping Ceremony’, which is traditionally done by the parents of the Gentlemen Cadets, was this time carried out by the staff and instructors while observing all social distancing and personal protection protocols. The General Officer complemented and thanked the parents of the passing out course who had motivated their wards for having chosen such a noble profession to serve the nation.

The Reviewing Officer presented the following awards:-

  • The coveted award of the Sword of Honour was presented to Battalion Under Officer Mukesh Kumar.
  • Gold Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit was presented to Academy Under Officer Deepak Singh.
  • Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing Second in the Order of Merit was presented to Battalion Under Officer Mukesh Kumar.
  • Bronze Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing Third in the Order of Merit was presented to Academy Cadet Adjutant Loveneet Singh.
  • Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Technical Graduate Course was presented to Junior Under Officer Daksh Kumar Pant.
  • Silver Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Order of Merit from Foreign GCs was presented to Junior Under Officer Kinley Norbu.
  • Chief of Army Staff Banner was awarded to Dograi Coy for standing Overall First amongst 16 companies for the Spring Term 2021.

While being conducted in a scaled down format on account of prevailing COVID conditions, the Passing Out Parade retained its ceremonial grandeur and regalia symbolic of this 'once in a lifetime' moment for the proud Gentlemen Cadets. The Parade was earlier preceded by a solemn wreath laying ceremony at the Academy War Memorial in which the Academy remembered its 889 martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice in service of the nation through the years. All trainees committed themselves to follow the same path of bravery and selfless courage.