Karnataka BJP MLA Speech: Basangouda Patil Yatnala Says 'Have Told Staff Not to Allow Burqa Clad or Skull Cap Wearing Person in Office'
Basangouda Patil Yatnala, a BJP MLA from Karnataka's Bijapur City Gave the Controversial Statement (Photo Credits: ANI)

New Delhi, June 7: Basangouda Patil Yatnala, a BJP MLA from Karnataka's Bijapur City, has stirred controversy after a video of him in what appears to be hate speech has been doing rounds on media platforms. In the video, he is reported to have told corporators to only work for Hindus and not to pay attention to Muslims or their problems. Yatnal in a public meeting said that it is the Hindus that voted them to power and hence they should only work for the development of the Hindu community.

The MLA is reported to have said in the meeting that "I'm telling you Corporators, don't work for the welfare for Muslims. You must work for the welfare of Hindus only. Who voted us to power? I told my staff, no one wearing skull caps or burqas should visit my office: BJP MLA Basangouda Patil Yatnal."

According to media reports, when the MLA was confronted by media to answer on questions related to his hate speech, he said that he did not deny what he said and believes in what he said in the public rally. However, the date and timing of the video is yet to be ascertained.