Sitapur Wild Dogs on Killing Spree: 8-Year Old Child Gets Injured, Panic Increases in UP
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Sitapur, May 10: In another case of an attack, an eight-year-old child was injured after being attacked by a pack of dogs in Bhagautipur village, according to an ANI report. The child has been admitted to the hospital. Till date, more than 12 children have lost their lives in the region due to ferocious attack by dogs. UP Police is also using drones, and night vision binoculars to track wild dogs in Sitapur.

According to an Indian Express report, 18 teams have been deployed by the district administration as well as villagers who are organising operations in Sitapur to catch the stray dogs, who have mauled the innocent children to death. Reportedly, the teams deployed by the state government claim to have captured 37 stray dogs so far, claiming they were among the ones who had attacked the children. However, witnesses say that they were different in “shape and behaviour”.

In this sad situation, where fear looms all over, the children have stopped going to school, and neither do they go out to play. The incident is not only limited to Sitapur, but places like Govindsarai, Gurpaliya, Tikariya, Newada, Saraiya, Rahimababd and Badri Kheda are also facing a similar situation.

The Sitapur district administration has blamed the incidents on closure of illegal abattoirs, which provided leftover meat to stray dogs. Speaking to the media on the issue, District Magistrate of Sitapur, Sheetal Verma said, “The closure of illegal slaughterhouses in Khairabad Municipal Corporation seems to be the reason why dogs are attacking children. Earlier, the dogs were feeding on the remains of slaughtered animals disposed of by the illegal slaughterhouses. Now, the hounds are not getting meat and thus may have started attacking children."