Sitapur Stray Dog Menace: Another Minor Attacked, In Critical Condition
Image used for representational purpose only)(Photo credits: Pxhere)

Sitapur, May 17: Residents of Sitapur are in constant fear over the stray dogs attacking children in Uttar Pradesh. Over the past six months, 13 children have been reported dead, and several others injured. In a recent case as well, one more minor has been attacked by stray dos in Sitapur. The child is in a critical condition, and has been admitted to the hospital.

Initially the local administration downplayed the incidents as cases of attack by wolf. But the Yogi government shook up and took note of the situation, when 11 more deaths were reported over the last two months. There were reports that UP Police is using drones, and night binoculars to track the wild dogs.

Even though efforts are being taken to check the attack, where atleast 30 dogs have been killed, but the incidents have not stopped. The worst is, due to the fear that has spread all over, children have stopped going to school, and neither do they go out to play. The incident is not only limited to Sitapur, but places like Govindsarai, Gurpaliya, Tikariya, Newada, Saraiya, Rahimababd and Badri Kheda are also facing a similar situation. The Sitapur district administration had earlier blamed the incidents on closure of illegal abattoirs, which provided leftover meat to stray dogs.