Author Warren William Luce launches a book that explores a new and intriguing path to a better and peaceful world. It shows how religious dogma inadvertently presents a stumbling block to mankind’s ability to achieve that goal. Despite the title, Christianity A Flawed Religion, this book is far from an anti-Christian work. Rather, it is strongly pro-Christ emphasizing the need for greater understanding of and compliance with his teachings.

  Christian dogma declares all of humanity are sinners and deserving of God’s condemnation to hell. (Are you such a bad person that you deserve that?) None is righteous. Sin is in our DNA, we inherited it from Adam. It is our nature to do wrong. In teaching that, the Church fosters a sinful and suffering world.

 Jesus refutes that dogma. He said he didn't come into the world to save the righteous but the sinners, Mat 9:13. He said there are those who are pure in heart Mat 5:8. He told us we are the light of the world, to let our light and good works shine, Mat :14

 He said he was sent to deliver a message, Mk 1:38. His message was that we are to love God and love, care for and forgive one another so as to be right with God and achieve Heaven Lk 10:25-37, Mat 18:21-35 Before he went to the cross, he told God, in prayer, that he had finished the work God had sent him to do, Jn 17:4. Obviously, it was not to die on the cross for our sins

  What if we believed Jesus, instead of the Church dogma, and lived according to his words? What do you think the world would look like? Paradise? That’s what God intended for us. So, listen to Jesus and make your life and the world better. 

  Luce is a retired USAF Colonel who has served his country during three wars starting with WWII. Having experienced and witnessed the hell of war, traveled much of the world and seen the hatred, cruelty, indifference and suffering that abounds, this book is his effort to do something about it.

 For anyone with a critical mind and seeking to question the way things are with hope for a better and peaceful world, this book will not disappoint. It can be found at by searching for its title “Christianity A Flawed Religion”. It is available both as an eBook and paperback.