“Yoga without requiring you to pay anything provides you a sound health leading to great wealth”.

In this current era where technology has become an integral part of every individual’s life and has made its place in almost all the fields, Yoga is no exception. In today’s generation where almost all the things are being done with the help of technology, even yoga is been practiced through Yoga - centered apps that allow an individual to use technology for their own convenience. Though it has resulted to be a useful platform as they offer guidance in Yoga from global experts using pictures and videos, very few of them can track your progress and give you feedback as per your performance.

Bodsphere, being the World’s First Virtual Health and Wellness Platform that has over 600+ Free Yoga Tutorials on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook, also provides Yoga Teacher Training Programs through Online medium and their own App. Bodsphere has integrated Technology with Yoga in the best possible manner and has an outreach of over 30+ countries. Its Founders, Samarthya and Preetika Bhatnagar, have trained more than 30+ nationalities. Bodsphere Virtual Health and Wellness Studio, focuses on flexibility, strength, stamina, balance along with mindfulness. As it is a Virtual Platform, it gives an individual the freedom and liberty to practice Yoga and Meditation from any part of the world, that too with Internationally Certified Yoga Teachers. Especially during the pandemic, when we can’t go out to join Yoga Courses, Bodsphere gives you the platform to begin your Yoga journey from your home itself.

There have been noticeable roles that technology plays in Yoga. Yoga needs discipline in life and mainstream gym-goers are using technology to bring the discipline into their workout routine and tracking their work report to fulfill their health and fitness goals. Yoga is a practice, originated in India and is now widely practiced. The latest American report conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal revealed that there is a 50% increase in the number of people getting engaged in Yoga, in the last six (6) years. Like all other things, Yoga is also seeing innovation in itself which has resulted in meeting the demands of insatiable and fitness-hungry consumers, as now they can connect with experts for their training programs.

Over the decades, Yoga has become popular among people of all age groups in order to overcome any health issues and to live a more holistic lifestyle. Yoga when connected with technology has made more people connect with it. Through a combination of Yoga & Technology, Bodsphere is one platform which has bridged the gap between the Yoga practitioners and Certified Yoga Teachers by offering Free Yoga Tutorials and Online Training in the most holistic & authentic manner.

“Maintain the beauty of your soul and body: Practice Yoga.”