Bhogi 2020 Date & Significance: Tithi, Timings, History and Importance of the First Day of Pongal
Bhogi Pongal (File Image)

The annual winter festival that celebrates the end of harvesting is almost here, and the festivities begin with an important festival - Bhogi. Bhogi Pandigai is the first day of Pongal that is equivalent to Makar Sankranti celebration, in South India. The first day of Pongal, it will be commemorated on January 14, 2020. People across the world are already busy prepping for this celebration. Bhogi festival revolves around starting afresh by getting rid of the clutter and negativity in our lives, by burning unused products in a bonfire. Bhogi celebrations set the tone for the harvest festivities in the south and hold great significance for these people. As we grow nearer to Bhogi 2020 date, here is everything you need to know about this annual celebration, its importance, significance and history as well as the rituals and traditions surrounding Bhogi celebrations. Pongal 2020 Date and Shubh Muhurat: History, Significance, Thai Pongal Rituals and Celebrations of the Annual Tamil Festival.

When is Bhogi 2020?

Bhogi is the first day of Pongal, also known as Pedda Panduga in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It builds the celebration for Sankranti (January 15) and will be commemorated on January 14. The muhurat when Bhogi transcends into Sankranti is vital in this celebration and is considered to be very promising.

Bhogi Sankranti Moment - 02:22 AM, Jan 15

How is Bhogi Celebrated?

Bhogi celebrations revolve around building the traditional bonfire, which is done either by individual families or entire communities. People come together to make this bonfire with wood and old things that they no longer use, and set it ablaze on the night before Pongal. This tradition is said to signify cutting out the past as well as clutter from our lives. People also trust the Bhogi fire to protect their family from the evil eye and bring in prosperity and good luck. On the occasion of Bhogi, people make various beautiful rangolis outside their house, near the Bhogi bonfire and share delicious sweets and savouries to bring in the bountiful harvests of the year. Bhogi 2020 HD Images and Wallpapers for Free Download Online: WhatsApp Stickers, GIFs and Wishes to Send Greetings on the First Day of Pongal.

Traditionally, Bhogi celebrations also included some amount of waste(like hay) that was collected from the harvest. While harvest festivals in the north revolve around the wheat and sesame crops, that in the south is focused on sugar cane crops. In fact, on the night of Bhogi, the traditional sugar cane, which is worshipped on Pongal day, is placed next to the holy deities and decorated with flowers. This is then used to worship on the morning of Pongal. Bhogi celebrations in Andhra also revolves around kids. Kids between the age group of three to six are dressed up in colourful attires and showered with Indian jujube fruit known as Regi Pallu. This ritual of Bhogi Pallu is said to ward off the evil eye.

We hope that all this information help you to celebrate Bhogi to the fullest with your friends and family! Here’s wishing everyone a happy harvest season!