Christmas 2018 Fire Safety: US CPSC Video Shows How Dangerous Dry Xmas Trees Can Be in the Holiday Season
Dry Christmas Tree Catch Fire (Photo Credits: @USCPSC/ Twitter)

The individuals across the world are gearing up to celebrate the final and most favourite festive of the year. Tis the season of Christmas and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. While you are almost done with the preparations and your very own Xmas tree is lit up bright, there is one very significant thing that you should know. So, if you watered your Christmas 2018 tree lately, it is advisable to get on that, before it is too late. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recently posted its annual video that highlights the holiday threats. This recent video posted on Twitter focuses on dried-out Christmas tree. Quick DIY Videos to Adorn Your Xmas Tree Like a Pro This Winter Holiday Season. 

CPSC demonstrated fires involving dried-out Christmas trees and candles at a joint press conference at the commission’s National Product Testing and Evaluation Centre in Rockville, Maryland. One of the short clips, show two similarly decorated rooms—one housing a watered tree and the other with a dry Christmas tree. The safety experts set fires at the bases of the trees. In a few seconds, the dry tree turned into a decisive blaze. While the watered Xmas tree held up very well to the onslaught. Weirdest Christmas Traditions Around The World. 

Watch Video How Dry Christmas Tree Can Explode Into Flames in Seconds.

At the press conference, the CPSC acting chairman, Ann Marie Buerkle said, “There are about 200 decorating-related injuries each day during the busy holiday season.” The commission suggests checking for tree freshness, looking for fire-resistant artificial trees and taking extra precautions with candles. According to CPSC, no holiday is safe. Most of the times, holiday lights will not get hot enough to set a tree, but frayed wires and broken bulbs can easily cause a flame. Hence, they should be purchased from certified manufacturers, says the CPSC. Best Xmas Images and GIF Greetings to Wish Merry Christmas Online. 

So, this holiday season, remember to water your tree regularly. “Even after Christmas, keep it well watered until you drag it to the curb,” Anne was quoted saying ABC News. CPSC further noted thousands of people reporting injured every year during the festive season. Note to check your lights for broken sockets, test smoke alarms and keep your tree far away from any heat source.