Hug Day 2019: From Overly Exciting to Cringe-Worthy; Watch the Compilation of Awkward Hug Videos This Valentine Week
Still From The Big Bang Theory (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

Individuals across the world are captivated in the season of love. It is the sixth day of Valentine Week 2019 today and couples celebrate the most adorable; Hug Day. Dedicated on February 12, Hug Day is another best time of the year to shower your affections to your loved ones. But not always the hugs are warm and cosy. Some could be awkward as hell! On the occasion of Hug Day 2019 in the season of love, here we have compiled the most awkward and hilarious hug videos that will make you go ROFL. And let us admit, we all have gone through the stage of weird awkwardness while hugging the opposite person. Hence, we bring you the funniest clips; from overly exciting to cringe-worthy, types of awkward hugs we all have experienced. From Rahul Gandhi-PM Modi to Kolkata Metro Couple - A Look at Hugs That Went Viral. 

Couples love to celebrate Hug Day, by giving their significant others a cosy warmth pleasure that everyone deserves. While we celebrate the festival of love by engaging in embraces, it is the perfect time to reflect the hugs we have given, received and encountered in our lives. We are talking about the awkward ones here. Let us take a moment to acknowledge the less desirable. Check out the list of hug videos that we all definitely have experienced, from the affectionate to the awkward to the utterly strange. 5 Awesome Health Benefits of Hugs You Should Know About This Valentine Week. 

Watch Video of Awkward Hugs

Like most things in life, hugs are not always as smooth as you would want them to be and it leads to some awkward moments. These are the 3 minutes compilation of the most awkward hugs that you must have in your library. Some of them are extremely cute, others are unwanted, and the remaining appears to be cringe-worthy. But the compilation is capable enough to tickle your funny bones.

Watch Funny Compilation of Awkward Hugs

Hugs, just like their participants, come in a variety of forms. Not all hugs are affectionate, and there is nothing wrong in experiencing some awkward hugs. In the above video, you will find some compilation of clips that went insanely viral, giving the netizens some significant share of a laugh.

Watch Video of Hilarious Awkward Hugs

So, the above video is a compilation of strangers strangely giving each other hugs. We are sure that this recollection will provide you with some reminiscence this Valentine Week. Try not to cringe and share them with your friends and loved ones this Hug Day.

Hugs are the best way to express your feelings and comes in so many forms. There are bold hugs and bashful hugs, hugs that envelop you in warm effect and many awkward interactions. Do them right and not indulge in some major awkwardness on the second-last day of Valentine Week 2019. Happy Hug Day!