Lohri 2021 Details: The festival of Lohri is celebrated amidst grandeur festivities every year. The festive occasion of Lohri is a famous winter festival which is mainly celebrated in Punjab, and adjoining states in North India. The auspicious event of Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of winter, signalling warmer and longer days ahead. It is observed as Makar Sankranti, and Maghi in different cultures across the country. Lohri is one of the most-loved festivals in the calendar year. The atmosphere during the Lohri festivities is spectacular. If you are searching for more information about Lohri 2021, then you can find them all here. At LatestLY, we bring you all the updated information about Lohri 2021’s date, observance, significance, celebrations and more, here.

What is the auspicious date and timing of Lohri 2021?

• Lohri 2021 Date – January 13, 2021, i.e. Wednesday

• Lohri Sankranti Moment –January 14, 2021, from 08:29 AM

• Makar Sankranti 2021 Date – January 14, 2021, i.e. Thursday

What is the Significance of Celebrating Lohri 2021?

The occasion of Lohri holds a lot of cultural significance. People of all the communities, be it Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, or Christians, celebrate the festival of Lohri. It signifies brotherhood, harmony, and acceptance of each other’s culture. Lohri is popularly also called ‘Lal Loi’ by many people around the country.

The observance of Lohri marks the passing of winter solstice. The festival celebrates the impending winter harvesting season. Lohri is also known to have many significances as many devotees (even farmers) thank and worship the Sun God.

How are The Celebrations During the Festival of Lohri?

The day of Lohri is a public holiday in Punjab, Haryana, and NCT of Delhi. People sing and dance a lot during Lohri. One of the biggest and oldest traditions of Lohri is to light a bonfire. There are many bonfires set in and around villages, where people spend a jolly good time with their loved ones on the night of Lohri. Traditional dance acts such as Bhangra and Gidda are seen the most during Lohri. Lohri 2021 Mehndi Designs: Latest Stylish Arabic Henna Patterns and Dulhan Mehendi Designs for Full Hands to Celebrate the Harvest Festival (Watch Tutorial Videos).

Lohri in Jammu sees people doing the ‘Hiran Dance’. Children have a gala time as they are adorned with garlands, and they sing and dance their time of Lohri night. Dry fruits and candies are the mainstays of Lohri celebrations in and around Jammu. There are several Lohri rituals performed, as well.

No celebrations of Lohri can be complete without Sarso da Saag, Makke di Roti, Lassi, jaggery, and groundnuts. Crops like corn, sugarcane, nuts, mustard greens, etc. are associated the most with the festival of Lohri. It is believed that consuming ‘til rice’ on the occasion of Lohri is highly promising.

As we near January 13, we at LatestLY, wish you all a very ‘Happy Lohri 2021!’ We hope you have a great time celebrating it with your family members. With farmer protests on the peak, it will be intriguing to see the celebrations of Lohri are, this year. Nonetheless, please share this information with your friends and family, and make them feel special on this auspicious occasion.

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