While the entire world is celebrating the festival of Christmas today, there is another significant celebration that is carried out by Hindus. December 25 is celebrated as Tulsi Pujan Diwas. On this day, people plant Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) and worship it. Commonly called the holy basil, Tulsi is a plant that is primarily native to the Indian subcontinent. And among the Indians, it holds special significance for its numerous medicinal properties. Tulsi is mostly used in the Ayurvedic stream of medicine for many years. The plant thus has a sacred place in the Hindu culture and to mark this, every year on December 25, people plant a sapling of Tulsi. The initiative of Tulsi Pujan Diwas was started by spiritual Godman Asaram Bapu in the year 2014. Health Benefits of Tulsi: Ways it Can Boost Your Mental and Physical Health.

Asaram Bapu had started this tradition in order to pray and seek blessings for everyone. Apparently, during the year-ending days, there were a lot of cases of drugs, narcotics, suicides and other mischievous activities. In order to pray for the well-being of the people, several spiritual activities were organised by Asarum Bapu and Tulsi Puja was one of them. Every year a Satsang was also held from December 25 to January 1.

The plant of Tulsi is said to be a good vibe around one's house. Coming to its health benefits it is called as the queen of herbs! It helps in curing almost any ailment. It is good for digestion skin problems and even mental wellness. Tulsi can effectively combat stress and provide relief by reducing anxiety. Tulsi, Aloe Vera and Other Best Plants with Health Benefits to Grow at Home.

Tulsi has a lot more benefits and provides overall comfort to one's body and mind. Thus the plant is always honoured and prayed to but December 25 is also celebrated as Tulsi Poojan Day from 2014.

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