World Bee Day 2019: Date, Significance & Theme of the Day Dedicated to Honey Bees
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pexels)

More than half of global food crops rely on pollination. However, statistics suggest that the species responsible for pollination is facing a higher extinction rate due to human activities. Honey bees and other pollinators like butterflies, bats and hummingbirds are increasingly under threat. Without them, we wouldn't have any food to eat and the world would end due to starvation. To acknowledge the role played by bees and other pollinators for the ecosystem, World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20 every year.  Many environmental organisations take major initiatives to create awareness about saving the species. On World Bee Day 2019, here's the significance and theme associated with the global observation. World’s First Honey Bee Edible Vaccine Discovered by Finland Scientists to Protect the Queen Bees. 

World Bee Day 2019 Date and Significance

May 20 coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša, who pioneered the modern beekeeping techniques in his native Slovenia in the 18th century. He praised the bees for their ability to work hard, while needing only minimal attention. The United Nations, UN Member States approved Slovenia’s proposal recently in December 2017, to proclaim May 20th as World Bee Day.

Bees are key to conserving biodiversity and are a cornerstone of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Bees and other pollinators allow plants, including many food crops, to reproduce. Not only do they contribute directly to food security, but experts suggest they also serve as sentinels for emergent environmental risks, signalling the health of ecosystems.

World Bee Day 2019 Theme

The UN Members decided 2019 theme as ‘Save the Bees’. Organising various events to mark World Bee Day, #SavetheBees is trending on social media already, creating awareness on the increasing need to preserve bees and other pollinators. Since the initiative is very new, this year, while strengthening the collaboration among stakeholders, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia will jointly organise an event at the UN Headquarters today, discussing what more could be done to preserve the ecosystem.

Honey bees play a great role as a pollinator in our agriculture and horticulture sector. On this significant day, celebrate the humble honey bee and learn more about their importance and how humans can help bees to sustain.